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Kimberley Connors
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Humayma, Jordan

The Excavations revealed a Nabatean bath house, a Roman Legion fort, two Byzantine churchs, and an Islamic Qsar.
Click to enlarge Riding down the Kings Highways at Dawn. Here is the view from the top of the escarpment to the South Jordanian desert 500 meters below.
My first day at Humayma. Click to enlarge You can tell I'm happy, as I'm smiling in the 110 degree heat and "the blow dryer in your face" wind.
My trustly trowel was not ready for the sight of my square. Six meters by six meters. Can you see the grid? Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge The tools of the trade at a Near Eastern site: wheelbarrow, pick-axe and shovel. My most important tool was my pencil and field notes!
Grab any moment available to catch up on paperwork. Paperwork, paperwork,paperwork
Washing ceramics After six hours working in the desert, we return to wash buckets and buckets of ceramic pottery.
It was fun. We worked with the Bedouin, who live in the desert. We became very dirty! We researched daily life in a two thousand year old town. My favorite part was the culture and science of an excavation. On this day, I rode a local camel. Click to enlarge
Click on the flag to check out my excavations at Sotira, Cyprus.
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