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Kimberley Connors
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Sotira Kaminoudhia is an Early Bronze Age site, ca. 2200 BCE. It sits
in the shadow of the Neolithic site of Sotira Tepes.
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It is comprised of three occupation areas; A,B, and C. I worked in areas B & C.
Area C
First I excavated in Area, C which is a production area.
A beautiful jug with a ceramic bird decoration was recovered in this area.
Ajay and I with the orthostats that lined the walls of a room in area B.
We found numerous gaming stones and game boards.
The games played by ancient Kaimoudhians were Mehen
(a spiraling line of depressions in a limestone tablet)
and the Egyptian game, Senet (three lines of ten depressions).

Can you see what was uncovered? Here it is.
                                An intact juglet! Now to excavate it, without it breaking in my hands.

Click to enlargeAfter returing from the field, I carefully clean it. Click to enlarge
                                It's almost as good as new. Not bad for a juglet approximately 4,200 years old!

It's never a dig until you get the photo. Team members came from The University at Albany (SUNY),
Columbia University, Harvard University and Sotira Village.

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