Archaeology Outreach

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Ceramic reconstruction
Digging with students since 2000:

Arlington Public Schools Grade 3, Arlington, MA

Blanchard Elementary School, Grade 6, Boxbourough, MA STARS Grant funded

Rogers School, Second - Fifth Grades, Fairhaven, MA

Douglas School, Sixth Grade, Acton MA

McCarthy-Towne School, Sixth Grade, Acton, MA

McCarthy Middle School, 6th Grade, Chelmsford, MA STARS Grant funded
Merriam School, Sixth Grade, Acton, MA

Stacy Middle School, Seventh Grade, Milford, MA STARS Grant funded

The Fenn School, Ninth Grade, Concord, MA

Littleton Middle School, Seventh Grade, Littleton, MA STARS Grant funded

Chenery Middle School, Sixth Grade, Belmont,MA

Parker Middle School, 7th Grade, Chelmsford, MA STARS Grant funded

Groton Dunstable Middle School, Sixth Grade, Groton, MA

Spotfford Pond School, Sixth Grade, Boxford, MA

Lyndon Pilot School, Sixth & Fourth grades, West Roxbury, MA

Martha Jones School, Fourth Grade, Westwood, MA

Williams School, Fourth Grade, Newton, MA

Abbott School, Fourth Grade, Westford, MA

Job Lane School, Fourth Grade, Bedford,MA

Oak Bluffs School, Oak Bluffs, MA

South Shore Christian School, Multiple grades, Weymouth, MA

San Bani School, Eighth Grade, Sanbornton, NH

Woodstock Middle School, Sixth Grade, Woodstock, CT

Eagle Hill School, Sixth Grade, Manlius NY

Archaeology Outreach